The Truth Chronicles: Book Review

I recently purchased the The Truth Chronicles, a youth fiction series by authors Tim Chaffey (of AiG), and Joe Westbrook. I've been curious about the books ever since they came out, but never quite curious enough to buy them, since I had the mistaken impression (derived from the books' covers), that they were Manga comic books. I'm more than happy that I finally took the plunge, for lo and behold, they were not only NOT comic books, but they were also enjoyable to read. For someone like me, a sci-fi fan as well as a lover of ancient history and science, these books were perfect for light Sunday afternoon reads, even as an adult.


Jaz, J.T., Izzy and Micky, (two of those names belong to girls. Can you guess which? It took me a few chapters,) are four brilliant teens living in Silicon Valley CA., who create a time machine. Not only a time machine, but a hovering time machine fueled by solar power. Their first trip through time takes them back 4500 years into the past in hopes of viewing the Pyramids, but instead they find themselves in the pre-flood world, chased by man-eating dinosaurs—something that everyone but J.T., a Biblical Creationist, finds confusing and even disconcerting.

Throughout the series the teens dodge dinosaurs, tigers, landslides, blizzards and mishaps of every description in an action-packed ride through time, all while working through classic apologetics. Why does evil exist? Where did the races come from? Why do the stars look old? Who makes right and wrong? Where does logic come from, and why does it work?

I've passed the books on to my son, who has been clamoring to read them ever since they came in the mail, and there are two people in line to read them once he's done.

I would love to see this series collected into a single book someday, and I hope the authors continue on with the series!


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