New Blog Series: Short Answers to Good Questions

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New Blog Series: Short Answers to Good Questions

In the course of writing my novel about prehistoric man, I've asked for feedback from people with a wide variety backgrounds, and every time someone who isn't familiar with Biblical Creation reads my manuscript, they come back with questions, lots of question. How could a warm sea cause an Ice Age? How did all the different races come to be? Why does the age of the earth matter to you?
Now these questions have been answered time and time again by folks with a lot more knowledge than I have, but I thought that it might be useful to write up “in a nutshell” answers to these questions, along with links to more in-depth explanations. So every Thursday I'll be answering a different question. It won't be an exhaustive discussion of the topic, but it will give you an idea of what I believe and why.

Do you have any questions you'd like answered? Contact me, and I'll make sure your question is on the list!

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